Double peak viewing platform


  Ink painting observation deck, after the rain, the nature is fresh, and the mountain range is shrouded in mist, much like a large ink painting, very spectacular!

Sun & moon platform


 The best place to watch the sunrise in the mountain range. As the saying goes, there are four seasons in a mountain and ten days in different days. Nature has brought us all kinds of beautiful scenery, and also created a thousand weather for us. The warm and humid air flow will meet with the cold air on the mountain during the rising process and form the terrain rain. So the old ridge will rain and it will start fog. When people come here in the morning or after rain, they will feel like walking in the clouds, such as fairyland.

Funiu mountain supernatural tortoise


   The turtle is a symbol of longevity in China's cultural tradition. We can go to this observation deck to experience, can also be touched by the spirit of the turtle! This position happens to be the turtle back of the turtle, we can all gently step on the back of the turtle, because "stepping on the back of god, glory and wealth"!



  Also known as "Fengshui ridge", the altitude of 1890 meters, the image of the sky drops a drop of water, half into the Yangtze River, half into the Yellow River. It is in front of the Funiu mountain peak of eight hundred - point chicken. It is also the highest peak in Henan, 2212.5 meters above sea level. We are now where is the watershed, a Feng Shui watershed line, we can do a little interesting experience here, the line on the left side of the station you will feel the wind blowing, and stand on the other side, you will find that still leaves, this is a wonderful natural phenomenon

The dog

天狗.jpgDoes the dog look like a dog? It is also a welcome to all visitors and loyalty to the host! I wish you all a prosperous year of dog.

Rhinoceros look at the sky


Camel Peak


Guide to loose


  The guide pine this pine tree its branches open around, like a big embrace to welcome everyone! Because it has been growing in the direction of the sun, it can be said to be a natural compass, and with it in the Laojieling mountains we can't get lost.

Funiu Mountain God


   The mountain is not high, and there is the name of the immortal. Mountain Funiu is the embodiment of the Millennium Lao Tzu. This mountain natural look, be neither humble nor pushy, dignified and generous, vivid, like a kindly old man standing in the mountains, dutifully guarding eight hundred Funiu Mountain every tree and bush. But it left open the right eye closed, right eye watching, as observed in the eight hundred Funiu people's living conditions and range safety; to the left to see the situation here day is to report to heaven, bless the eight hundred people in good weather, a bumper grain harvest. So the people here in the mountains, to worship houses, houses before a pious Mountain God, for peace!


 The wandering rock legend of the funiu mountain god has passed since then, gently patted it, and then it shook; Careful friends can also find its upper part is like an officer cap, lower half like a wing, will take pictures a career here, stripes, and a symbol of power.

Long scroll painting