Meng Qingyong to mount Dangshan tourism area investigation scenic area construction

In order to promote the Dangshan Mountain National 5A level scenic area project construction work, the morning of November 7th, the Yongcheng municipal Party committee secretary Meng Qingyong led the municipal office, finance, supervision, land, public security, transportation, water conservancy, mining, forestry, tourism planning, safety supervision, and law enforcement departments to mount Dangshan, field research guide of cultural tourism projects work, solve the difficulties and problems existing in advance. Zhang Fuguang, deputy mayor of municipal Party committee, Secretary General of municipal Party committee, vice mayor Liang Tingzhen, Party member of municipal government, director of Dangshan tourism scenic spot management committee, etc..

Meng Qingyong has to master Han male mountain scenic area, scenic area, alkali River tourism special lines, listen carefully to the relevant person in charge of the case report, a detailed understanding of the scenic area project construction progress, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the process of promoting the project, and the specific requirements of the completion of the work time and enhance the image quality the standard is put forward.

In the research, Meng Qingyong pointed out that the successful creation of Dangshan 5A scenic spots, the relevant departments have done a lot of fruitful work, and achieved periodic results. But the results only represent the past, the standard of control, the current scenic spot project construction management level and service quality, there is still much room for improvement.