Time and space tunnel

Travel through time and space to feel the world's life about 540 million years of wind and rain.

On this planet, the earth, there is the history of life first appeared in 570 million - about 570 million years ago, found in the lives of the earliest fossils in the Cambrian strata, like a sponge or insect creatures in the sea, is the earliest shell animals.

During the ordovician period from 5.1 billion to 439 million years ago, the earliest fish evolved during the ordovician period, but the more common ones were such hard-shelled animals as the lamp sauce bay, trilobites, sea lilies and parrots.

In the silurian period between 439 million and 409 million years ago, the earliest known creatures were trilobites and corals, and the earliest terrestrial biological "anti-rocks" appeared.

In the devonian period, between 409 million and 363 million years ago, land creatures had made great progress, and in the vast ocean, fish had ruled the oceans, and the devonian period was called the age of fish.

During the carboniferous period between 363 million and 290 million years ago, large swaths of ancient forests were filled with amphibian animals and insects, as well as the earliest time of the emergence of the west lothian lizards.

During the Permian period from 290 million to 245 million years ago, amphibian animals flourished in the oasis of the Permian desert, and more reptiles had occupied the main body.

In Triassic period, from 245 million to 2.08 years ago, large amphibians because can't adapt to the changing environment gradually death ray, as mammals reptiles disappeared, but they have evolved first mammals.

The slotted teeth became the most important animals, divided into large groups, and as the environment evolved, one of them evolved into the earliest dinosaurs.