On August 16, 2006, zhang feng-zhang, deputy director of the provincial tourism administration, went into the west fjord to guide the creation of the national 5A scenic spot.

It is required that the scenic spots should be strictly controlled by the country to create A standard, pay attention to detail, continuously improve the construction of hardware and software facilities, and ensure the creation of targets.

The deputy mayor and the students, the mayor of the municipal tourism bureau, the head of the party, the county leader sun yengpeng, li xiaopeng and Yang haitao accompanied the inspection.


Zhang Fengyou line successively into the dinosaur garden scenic spot, LaoJieLing scenic area and the laojun cave scenic area, contrast to create a standard, field view of the scenic area tourist reception center, road traffic, parking lots and tourist services such as software and hardware facilities, the scenic tourist routes, safety, health, shopping, integrated management, resource and environmental protection, and so on to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

The dinosaur park, LaoJieLing scenic spot to create national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot of each work gives objective evaluation, the scenic tourism detail problems of the hardware and software aspects, earnestly reasonable opinions and Suggestions are put forward.

Xifjord county changsun peng introduced the west fjord to create 5A tourism scenic spot work situation.

In recent years, he said, the west fjords have built a scenic spot with the goal of creating a tourism brand called "water and ink dragon township, ecological xixia", which is the main line of dinosaur culture and ecological leisure tourism.

Especially since last year, xixia launched the "create a 5 a grade scenic spot, to create the national tourism standardization demonstration county" as the main content of the "double gen" activities, decided to put the LaoJieLing, dinosaur park two 4 a level scenic spot "bound" rise to create 5 a, create work and implementation of the national tourism standardization demonstration county, at the same time, the depth of the integration of tourism resources, aimed at "global scenic spot", is committed to the tourism industry transformation and upgrade in an all-round way.

Integrated tourism, transportation, housing, water conservancy, forestry, tourism enterprises and other resources, coordinated funds of 260 million yuan for the infrastructure construction of scenic areas.

The east mountain gate tourist service center of the old border is built and operated, and 30 new sightseeing buses have become a scenic spot in the scenic area.

The second exhibition hall of dinosaur park is open to visitors, and the system of identification system and monitoring system is improved.

The taiping tourist service center has expanded the parking lot of 10,000 square meters and improved the service functions of the internal medicine room, the tourist lounge, the complaint room and the supervision room.

The high standard makes the public information guiding system signs and the tourist guide signs of scenic spots along the route of the scenic spot, and visitors can enter the scenic spot more conveniently and quickly.

Currently, xixia work to create the national tourism standardization demonstration county has passed the acceptance, to create a national 5 a grade scenic spot resources evaluation work has passed the national tourism administration of tourism landscape value, global strategic lead XiXia tourist scenic spot of overall competitiveness of comprehensive promotion, the head of the tourism industry has become the third industry.

The next step, our county will "to" create A "as an opportunity to aim at domestic famous leisure vacation travel destination and YuXiNa important tourism distribution center, is committed to resource integration, grade big ascension, build global scenic area, thus promote XiXia travel to speed up the transformation and upgrading, to realize spanning development.

Through on-the-spot check, dinosaur Zhang Fengyou think, LaoJieLing scenic spot and the laojun cave scenic area seriously with reference to the national 5 a, 4 a level scenic spots in all kinds of standards, determination to create large, large investment, high speed, large potential, create clarity, in the right way.

Zhang Fengyou pointed out that national 5 A, 4 A level scenic spot to create work is A systematic project, high workload big, the required standards, in the future work, to each scenic spot in strict accordance with the national scenic area and A standard, to improve basic facilities and construction level, improve the level of refinement, humanized service;

We should pay attention to the creation of basic norms, adhere to people-oriented, combine the needs of tourists, pay attention to details and enhance reception services.

We should strengthen the publicity of scenic spots and raise the popularity of scenic spots.

We should increase the participation and experiential activities of tourists and enhance the interest of tourists.

To intensify along the scenic environment health regulation, from nanyang to XiXia tourist lines, to further improve the scenic spot service facilities, scenic spot of sign, rich scenic spot publicity materials, specifications tourists shopping place, put an end to store management, enhance the brand and quality of the scenic spot.

Should always put the visitors are satisfied as A foothold and starting point of the work, to further improve the comprehensive quality of scenic area employees, optimize the tourism environment, let visitors happy, satisfied, create work to lay A solid foundation for 5 A grade scenic spot, make sure to create goals as scheduled.