The 2nd International GGN Press Conference in the International Tourism Bourse in Berlin, followed the ITB 2018 Opening Press Conference and it was the only other Press Event happening on March 6th, reaching the interest of the journalists in a day empty from other communication events.

The GGN Press Conference was officially announced by ITB to all journalists at the end of the official ITB Opening Press Conference.

At the GGN Press Conference participated 70 journalists from main German and International media.

After the presentation of the coordinator of the GGN Press Conference Mr. Traeger the following presentations took place:

  • Prof. Nickolas Zouros, GGN President: “UNESCO Global Geoparks as Sustainable Destinations”

  • Dr. Kristin Rangnes, GGN Treasurer : UNESCO Global Geoparks and Geotourism Development

  • Dr. Marie-Luise Frey, GGN ExB: “Collaboration of World Heritage Sites and Global Geoparks Network for Sustainable Tourism”

The journalists were greeted by

  • Armindo Jacinto, Mayor and President of Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark

  • Zhang Jilu, Funiushan UNESCO Global Geopark Administration Representative.


All three presentations covered important topics such as:

  • The Geopark concept

  • The UNESCO Global Geoparks

  • The Global Geoparks Network

  • Geoparks and sustainable tourism

  • Which are the tourist products that Geoparks are bringing to the tourism market?

  • Geopark common projects (Interreg – Drifting Apart, INTERREG – Danube Geo Tour, INTERREG – Atlantic, INTERREG Insular Geoparks GEO-IN, Erasmus + Geopark Project, Erasmus + GEOclimHOME, Erasmus + ESTEAM, etc)

  • Geoparks networking, cooperation and twinning agreements

  • GGN Working Groups

  • UNESCO Global Geoparks and educational activities

  • 8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks in Adamello - Brenta

  • Intensive Course on Geoparks in Lesvos and Capacity building activities


Then were made several questions from the journalists:

  • About the tools that the GGN is using  to promote Geoparks

  • About the sustainability of the tourism activities in  Geoparks

  • About the marketing strategy of Geoparks

  • About Geoparks in volcanic active areas


At the Press Conference was also present a delegation from the Viluerca-Ibores-Jara UNESCO Global Geopark leaded by its President Mrs. Rosario Cordero, President of the Provincial Government of Caceres, Extremadura, Spain.

There were also present delegations from the UNESCO Global Geoparks : Naturtejo-Portugal, Lesvos island – Greece, Troodos – Cyprus, Haute Province - France.

The Press Conference was covered in video by Julia Butron, Haute Province UNESCO Global Geoparks

Our general feeling is that the event was very successful and the participating journalists showed great interest which we believe will bring publicity in many media, in Germany and also in international media.

The Press Conference was organized in a very professional way, the programme and especially the time of the Press Conference were very convenient for the media and thus we have so vast participation.


Distributed material to the Journalists:

Printed material

  • A Folder with Press Releases and Information in German,

  • the new GGN Leaflet and Map,

  • the new Global Geoparks Network Brochure No 1/2017

  • the 8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks leaflet

  • the new GGN Newsletter No 3/2017

  • the EGN Magazine

and a USB with electronic material :

  •  the GGN Press Kit

  • Q & A on UNESCO Global Geoparks,  

  • Q & A on UNESCO and UNESCO Global Geoparks

  • Sustainable Development Goals and Geoparks

  • the 8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks leaflet

  • GGN Brochure No 1

  • GGN Leaflet and Map

  • GGN Newsletter No 2 / 2017

  • GGN Newsletter No 1 / 2017

  • GGN – RPP Marketing and Communication Strategy  for UNESCO Global Geoparks

  • The Latin American and Caribbean Geoparks Network

  • Asian Pacific Geoparks Network – New Coordinators and Advisory Committee

  • 14th EGN Conference – Abstract Book

  • new EGN Magazine No 15

  • EGN Magazine No 14

  • EGN Newsletter 10 / 2017